Grow Safe: Non-Toxic Missoula

Imagine our outdoor spaces maintained
without the use of Toxic chemicals

"In our current linear materials economy, we extract resources from the Earth to make them into products, which are used for a while and ultimately discarded. Synthetic pesticides are a particularly toxic material within this system; they cause problems throughout their entire lifecycle and are incongruent with the definition of Zero Waste due to their harmful discharges to land and water. To  deal with the serious problems that pests and weeds pose, we hope folks will turn to alternative  methods more in line with nature’s cyclical, Zero Waste systems."

-- Sarah Lundquist
    Home ReSource Zero Waste Education Manager

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"Organic land care practices not only benefit public health through the reduction of toxic exposures to people, but they also help create healthy soil, conserve water, protect pollinator health, and sequester carbon. We can use our parks, athletic fields and other public spaces as an opportunity to address some of our most pressing environmental problems, just by changing our approach to maintaining them. Dozens of cities all across the country are taking advantage of this solution, with stunning, and even award-winning results!"

-- Diana Carpinone
    President, Non Toxic Communities


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