Our Volunteers

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Alison Reintjes

I react to pesticides in much the same way that someone with asthma is affected by cigarette smoke. I have an immediate reaction that intensifies with prolonged exposure and the negative effects can linger for hours or days. However, also like cigarette smoke, pesticides have health consequences for everyone, not just people like me who notice the impacts more immediately. I value outdoor spaces and believe they should be cared for in a way that is safe and healthy for all people, animals, and the ecosystem.


Candice Mancini

When I am in nature, I want to smell nature. What a sad thing, to contaminate a mountain or park or yard with poisonous chemicals. I have long been active in environmental causes and will continue to advocate for our beautiful planet.


Lorie Lochridge


I am a mother of three daughters, and we spend a large amount of our time on soccer fields. I am constantly smelling and aware that I am breathing the damaging chemicals sprayed on the fields. I watch children rolling and walking barefoot in the grass, babies crawling, dogs sniffing and laying, people picnicking, water bottles being tossed on the ground, and children breathing heavily, and I cringe. I sit hoping that someday I can watch soccer without the discomfort and worry of knowing the damage that is being done as I sit and watch children innocently playing a game.