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Grow Safe: Non-Toxic Missoula is made up of volunteers from Missoula County

We believe outdoor spaces should be cared for in a way that does no harm to human, animal, or environmental health.

To advocate for the reduction of toxic pesticide use to protect public health and the environment, through community outreach and education.

The City of Missoula caring for public lands using organic land management.

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"In our current linear materials economy, we extract resources from the Earth to make them into products, which are used for a while and ultimately discarded. Synthetic pesticides are a particularly toxic material within this system; they cause problems throughout their entire lifecycle and are incongruent with the definition of Zero Waste due to their harmful discharges to land and water. To  deal with the serious problems that pests and weeds pose, we hope folks will turn to alternative  methods more in line with nature’s cyclical, Zero Waste systems."

-- Sarah Lundquist
    Home ReSource Zero Waste Education Manager

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"Organic land care will help reduce Missoula's carbon footprint, building a healthier and more resilient community. Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers can harm soil biology and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions as the carbon storing capacity of the soil is compromised. Let's reduce their use where and when we can."

-- Amy Cilimburg
   Executive Director, Climate Smart Missoula

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