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Resources on Pesticides and Organic Land Care

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Health Effects of 40 Commonly Used Pesticides 

by Amy Rowe and Michele Bakacs

Published by Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension

Policy Statement by American Academy of Pediatrics

A step-by-step guide to Organic Lawn Care

The City of Boulder created this step-by-step organic lawn care guide for homeowners.

Organic vs Chemical Land Management

A cost comparison from Beyond Pesticides

How aware are you of the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? When it comes to food, you may be very aware. But what about the use of pesticides on the grass and plants at a nearby park? On this episode of The Urban Monk, Pedram Shojai welcomes three guests from Non-Toxic Irvine...

Dr. Sarah Evans discusses the risks of pesticide exposures, why children are more vulnerable, and what parents can do to reduce these harmful exposures.

We’ve been studying the impact of toxins on children for the past 30 years and reached the inescapable conclusion: little things matter. We’ve discovered that extremely low levels of toxins can impact brain development...

Pesticides used on school playing fields can interfere with normal childhood development. ChildSafe School prohibit the use of pesticides on playing fields and grounds, and non-pesticide turf management is a great solution.

Chip Osborne is an expert in organic turf management. He explains the steps to organic lawn care -- get educated, test the soil, choose the right fertilizers, implement at the right time of year, aerate and overseed. Produce thick, dense and deep rooted turf systems...

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